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Curly hair gel or mousse ssx--xus
October 25th, 2014

Curly hair gel or mousse Your decision should be based on the thickness of your hair more than the type of curl.
I will use a liquid gel instead and it does give stronger hold but my curls are not as soft.
There you can find others with the same hair type and try out some of their favorite products.
The only thing I suggest it to make sure the product that you use it water based instead of alcohol based.
Alcohol based products will dry your hair and make it brittle and feel like straw.
I think you can save a lot of money simply be implementing other things rather than worrying about which products to use.
I suggest blue magic no bad chemicals and they have one that smells like coconut it smells really good.
The running water will keep your hair wet and provide some force to help get rid of as many tangles as possible.
The hairspray should be able to get a strong hold on your hair without making your hair crunchy.
Experiment with different brands and types to see what works well with your hair type.
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I have spent so much money trying things out and this is the only thing I find that works.
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Both hair styling products require just a small amount to achieve the desired results.
Some people use hair gel as a setting product in a pin curl or roller set to make the hold last longer.
Some hair gels are much too sticky and some low quality mousses can be more watery than foamy which only serves to make hair stiffer rather than fuller.
I feel like a lot of negative reviews you may find on other websites are just people who believed this to be a miracle hair.
I like to wear my hair curly and in the past I would just use a gel and scrunch it then blow dry with a diffuser.
I use mouse for the girls and i use gel when i come it up because my hair is really frizzy in the front.
Mousse is a foam which is light that is applied to hair without weighing it down.
There are certain blow drying products specifically for curls that may be even more suitable.
I used gel all through high school and it always made my curls feel crunchy by the end of the day.
I used a handful of mousse and scrunched it through and let it air dry for like 15 minutes and then used a little gel on top.

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